Pamphlets and Posters

Support G20 Defendants pdf
This is a flyer with information on supporting defendants from the Toronto G20, updated April 15, 2011.

Anti-2010 (pamphlet)

Spread Social Revolt (image)

Snitch (poster)

Take a Hamma to the Rich (pamphlet)
This is about the graffiti crackdown in Hamilton and the ongoing response to repression of graffiti.

Did Somebody Say Progress
This flyer was distributed originally at a one day occupation of Ray’s Thrift Store in Downtown Guelph. The entire block has been evicted to make way for new downtown condos. The occupation consisted of a huge pancake breakfast, a banner drop, and a discussion about how development sucks.

Two Anarchists Arrested in Guelph
This pamphlet was written shortly after two anarchists were arrested in Guelph for alleged anti-police graffiti. The writing connects progress with police repression, and explains how the arrests are part of a larger police crackdown on the struggle against development in Guelph.

In Solidarity with the Mohawks of Akwasasne
This pamphlet was distributed at a solidarity demonstration in Hamilton during the Anarchist Bookfair in June 2009, shortly after the Mohawks of Akwesasne shut down the border crossing at Cornwall to oppose the border guards being armed.

Public Safety Notice (poster)

Life Choices aren’t Harmless Opinions (poster)


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