Zines from Southern Ontario

 Here are local zine PDFs for wide distribution

They Can’t Break Our Spirits 

This writing is about tactics of state repression, support and solidarity, and police infiltration, relating mostly to the Toronto G20 in June 2010. These ideas are for anarchists and social rebels world-wide to discuss and learn from.


ACAB Newsletter #3 April 2010

This issue of ACAB News has tons of local content, with updates on repression and court cases in Southern Ontario and beyond. It also has info from the struggle against Vincennes and prison in France.

HCBP Occupation – first six days (reading version)

HCBP Occupation – first six days (imposed)

The largest development project in the city of Guelph – a 600 acre business park on top of Old Growth Forest and wetlands – was stopped for almost the entire construction season of 2009. People occupied the site for 19 days, successfully delaying construction.  This zine is accounts from the first 6 days of the occupation.

ACAB News Issue #1, October 2009 (reading version – not imposed)

ACAB News issue #1 Oct 2009- newsletter of the Guelph Anarchist Black Cross with articles about recent arrests, prison riots, bash back! and more.

Space Wars

Space Wars was released in October 2008 and includes discussions on graffiti, squatting in the woods and the city, liberating space and more.

Burning Bridges

Burning Briidges Cover

Burning Bridges #1 was released in March 2009 and includes writings on health and resistance, a history and analysis of social revolt in Guelph, tactics and analysis for creating social conflict, and information about development in Guelph. It is over 40 pages long and includes a lot of local news.

On Police Repression in Southern Ontario

On Police Repression in Southern Ontario includes excerpts from the “Hamilton Police Services Hate/Bias Crime 2008 Statistical Report”, with analysis and discussion on what this means for anarchists and police repression. It is an interesting and short read.

Documents from the Struggle of Six Nations

This mostly is a compilation of news articles during the reclamation and defense of Kanastaton (the reclamation site in Caledonia- formerly called Douglas Creek Estates) in 2006.

Hamilton ABC Newsletter May 2009

This is the first (and only) newsletter publication of the Hamilton Anarchist Black Cross. It has info on a prison riot at Niagara detention center, Hassan Almrei of the Secret Trial 5, arrests and court updates in Southern Ontario, and more.


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