Mounting Bedlam Distro is now Anemone Press & Distro

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Mounting Bedlam Distro does not exist anymore.

All MBD projects will be continued by Anemone Press & Distro.

visit the site below:

please email if you want to contact Anemone or MBD.

“They Can’t Break Our Spirits” pdf released

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“They Can’t Break Our Spirits : Post-G20 State Repression in Southern Ontario”

This writing is about tactics of state repression, support and solidarity, and police infiltration, relating mostly to the Toronto G20 in June 2010. These ideas are for anarchists and social rebels world-wide to discuss and learn from.

The pdf is below. Please distribute widely!

They Can’t Break Our Spirits

“Support G20 Defendants” Flyer (updated April 15, 2011)

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Support G20 Defendants

Above is the latest G20 support flyer released by Guelph ABC.

Please distribute widely, and check for updates to the pamphlet.

Excerpts from “Huye, Hombre, Huye”

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New zine published! it is very short, only a few pages. Very good read, about a rebel’s experiences in spanish prison.

 by Xose Tarrio Gonzalez


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Here is the latest issue of ACAB News #4, the Guelph ABC periodical.

ACAB 4 August 2010


– RBC Bank Arson in Ottawa
– Ottawa Movement Defense
– Support Political Prisoners of the G20
– Free Kelly
– Police Infiltration Report
– Free our Friends: Community Update on G20
– Detained: Holly’s Story
– Fierce & Fabulous 3 update
– Struggle Against Prison Action Reports
– Anti-Prison Demo Shut Down
– Prisoner Justice Day August 10th
– Autonomous Self-Organization and Anarchist Intervention (intro and exerpts)

– Solidarity with Oscar Grant Protest Arrestees (california)
– Nikos Maziotis on Hunger Strike (greece)
– Letter from Giannis Dimitrakis (greece)
– Letter from Tamara (spain)
– Barefoot Bandit Caught (bahamas)

Anti-Colonial Thanksgiving Dinner 2008

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here is the pdf for the Anti-Colonial Thanksgiving Dinner zine in 2008 in Guelph. The ACT dinner is a yearly event that brings speakers from Indigenous communities including Six Nations and Tyendinaga, to discuss anti-colonial struggle.

This zine is transcripts from the speakers:

Dan Doreen from Tyendinaga, Boots and Skyler from Six Nations, Jackie from the Missasaugas of New Credit, and Sarah Dover an anti-colonial lawyer.

The pdf was lost for almost two years… but here it is…

ACT Dinner Pamphlet

ACAB News Issue #3 and Fire Works For Prisons Demo Flyer

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There is a new issue of ACAB News, compiled by Guelph ABC – Check it out in the zines from southern ontario section or here

There’s also a flyer for the Anti-Prison demo during the G20 in Toronto, June 27 2010.  It’s posted in the pamphlets and posters section or here

print off and distribute widely!


More PDFs Added

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Hey so all the following PDFs were added to the site.
The Anti-colonial dinner zine will be up eventually. there are technical difficulties.
check this shit out, enjoy

Why Do We Hate the Olympics? (insides)

Why Do We Hate the Olympics? (cover)

Riot 2010? Riot Now!

From Autonomous Space Towards Liberated Space

Of Martial Traditions and the Art of Rebellion

Without Conclusion (BETTER VERSION!)

HCBP Occupation – first six days (reading version)

Take a Hamma to the Rich (pamphlet)

Snitch (poster)

Anti-2010 (pamphlet)

Spread Social Revolt (image)

ACAB news pdf is fixed! It’s really here!

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There are more PDFs online now. take a look.

OOPS! The link for the ACAB news was linking to the Hamilton ABC newsletter. That is fixed now. You can view ACAB news on the right under “zines from southern ontario” or here:

 ACAB News Issue #1, October 2009 (reading version – not imposed)

MBD Online

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Mounting Bedlam Distro and Publishing is now online. We’re going to have pdfs of zines we like and have helped to publish and distribute. If you want any copies email us:

Local shit we have includes:

Burning Bridges #1 Winter/Spring 09

Space Wars #1 Fall ’08

On Police Repression in Southern Ontario

Anti-Colonial Thanksgiving Dinner in Guelph ’08 (transcripts of speakers from six nations/tyendinaga)

Plus a lot more. PDFs will appear on the right sidebar under “zines”

for ferocity in struggle against the system…